Far East Hectare

for Geo France, 2020


The Federal District of the Russian Far East covers some 6.9 million square kilometers and four time zones; it stretches from the Arctic Ocean, in Chukotka, to the Sea of Japan; freezing, it experiences temperatures down to – 60 ° C in winter. These vast expanses are desperately empty: barely 8.2 million people, one of the lowest densities in the world. Quine locals dream of leaving. 

The free hectare program, launched in 2016 by President Vladimir Putin, is part of a plan to develop the region’s economy and maintain, if not increase, the population. In practice, any Russian citizen can register on the website of the Ministry for the development of the EOR, consult the cadastre to choose a lot from one of the eleven administrative subdivisions of the district and apply online by detailing a project. 

 After five years, a follow-up visit is scheduled to assess the company’s results. If their activity seems viable, the holders of the free plots then officially become the owners and can bequeath them to their children or resell them. Most of the land is difficult to access due to a lack of infrastructure. Vladimir Putin has therefore promised to inject 66.5 million euros for the construction of roads, bridges, and the development of the electricity network. The free hectare program is scheduled to last until 2035.