Wing Ambulance




No roads, 209309 square kilometers of taiga, swamps and permafrost (area equal to 2/3 like Germany), 16 000 inhabitants living in around 28 villages with the density of 0.08 people / square kilometer – this is a short overview of Turukhansk district  situated in the heart of Russia on the border with its geographical center. 

Helicopters are the only regular year-round link for interaction. 

Urgent medical help is also provided by helicopter flights from two major settlements – Turukhansk and Bor. 90% of paramedics are women with work experience from 10 to 25 years.

State covers all expenses for flights. More than 300 flights are effectuated every year. However, these measures don’t solve an increasing lack of paramedics in places. 

Known as Mangazeya in the 17th century, Turukhansk district is a multicultural and multiethnic intersection. It was marked by historical periods of glory and disaster – from being a famous fur trading center and basement for Siberian exploration to a repressed exile zone during Tsarism and Stalinism.

Nowadays the district is immersed into stagnation. According to some sources it is one of the most corrupted areas in Russia.